As a somewhat remote British Columbian community, the East Shore of Kootenay Lake has long been creative with transportation options. From steam wheelers crossing shore to shore, to horses and automobiles braving rocky passes, the residents of the East Shore have time and again exhibited resilient efforts to successfully go from point A to point Z. 

After a quiet year of contemplating how to navigate the current economic circumstances (and some fantastic fresh produce delivery as well!), our East Shore TransportationSociety Board of Directors are grateful to receive support from local organizations to continue the effort of providing much needed transportation in our local community. Without the financial support of these organizations, our BEST Community Bus project would not be given a chance to truly be tested by our residents. 

The following links are relevant information to the ESTS Community Bus project


Kootenay Air Carshare

“Carsharing is easier, less expensive and better for the environment than owning a private vehicle.  Kootenay Carshare Co-op is the best deal in town!”


CleanBC Transportation

“Our plan is to safely and conveniently connect the places we live, work, learn and explore. With CleanBC we’re building a more sustainable transportation system. Active transportation means helping people get out of their cars, with safe, easier options for everyone.”


BC Transit – Sustainability

“BC Transit’s vision is to connect people and communities to a more sustainable future.
Public transit is part of a land use and transportation community plan. In partnership with communities across the province, we promote walking, cycling and using transit.”

BC Transit – Sustainability | BC Transit

BC Rural Health Network – Transportation 

“Providing rural British Columbians with a strong and unified voice advocating for the improvement of healthcare services across the province.”

TRANSPORTATION | BC Rural Health Network (

BCRHN: Accelerating Rural Transportation Solutions – Ten Community Case Studies from Ontario
ARTS_-_Case_Studies_for_WEB.pdf (


Better Environmentally Sound Transportation 

“Since 1991, BEST has built innovative social enterprises and programs which remove barriers to active, low-carbon, and ‘green’ travel, such as cycling, walking, transit and car-sharing. Better access to ‘green’ travel options lets more people connect and take part in their communities. “



Government of BC – Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

“The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure plans and improves transportation networks, builds new infrastructure, provides transportation services, and implements transportation policies, to allow for the safe and efficient movement of people and goods.”

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure – Province of British Columbia (